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Aims to increase the use of biofuel as a replacement fossil-based fuel. Creates the National Team for Biofuel Development to support policy implementation on national and sub-national levels and between sectors. The Biofuel Road Map establishes a specific agenda for biofuel production targets. For the period of 2016-2025: biodiesel utilisation 20% of diesel fuel consumption – 10.22 mln kL bioethanol utilisation 15% of gasoline consumption – 6.28 mln kL biokerosene utilisation – 4.07 mln kL pure plantation oil for power plant use – 1.69 mln kL biofuel utilisation 5% of energy mix – 22.26 mln kL Creates Special Biofuel Zones (SBZ): areas, of at least 10,000 hectares in Java or 100,000 outside Java in size, are dedicated to biofuel crops plantation and transformation. Villages located in the Special Biofuel Zones, known as Energy Self-Sufficient Villages (ESSV), are to receive regional funding to set up renewable energy development plans in accordance with local renewable potentials.