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Requirements on new and modified oil and gas sources to take steps to reduce amongst other pollutants, methane. Note that this rule is currently being reviewed by the Trump administration, however the stay ordered by the EPA has been challenged in the federal appeals court which ruled that the EPA cannot suspend this rule.

A requirement on the US federal government agencies to purchase alternative technologies without HFCs where possible.

Requirement for energy efficiency standards for a variety of products, commercial and industrial equipment.

A production tax credit for wind and solar systems not claiming the Investment Tax Credit, phasing out ending 2019.

An investment tax credit for solar systems and wind energy on residential and commercial properties, including utility-scale projects. Such tax credits range from 30% to 10% depending on the year and technology implemented.

By 2025, at least 30% of total electricity consumption for a federal agency to come from renewable energy.

Requirements on new fossil fuel-fired power plants to meet national emission standards. Note that this rule is currently being reviewed by the Trump Administration.

The Clean Power Plan required that states submit plans specifically designed to limit GHG emissions from fossil-fueled power plants. The Clean Power Plan is currently under review.

Electric vehicles receive a tax credit between USD$2,000 and USD$7,500 depending on the size of vehicle and battery capacity.

Annual requirement for a certain volume of renewable fuels to be used instead of petroleum. Renewable fuels include Biomass-based diesel, Cellulosic biofuel, advanced biofuel and total renewable fuel.

Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards for passenger vehicles and light trucks of 163 grams/mile in model year 2025. Note that the current administration has requested that the EPA/DOT review these Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards.

Financial incentives for farmers to retire land from productions for 10-15 years if the land is of particular environmental importance.

By 2025, 26-28% reductions in GHG emissions compared to 2005 levels. This target is set under the US INDC, however it has since been announced that the US will withdraw from the Paris Agreement. We note that despite this announcement, as at currently, the US still remains in the Paris Agreement.