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States objectives for Co2 Capture at Hawiyah Plant: to boost oil recovery by 7% to 9% and permanently sequester roughly 40% of the injected CO2.

Establishes objectives for state-owned Saudi Aramco: -Reduce energy consumption at our facilities by 2% per year -Design new facilities to be energy efficient -Increase overall energy efficiency -Influence and promote energy efficiency at the national level

Provides framework for desalination activity and addresses various aspects of the industry, including production, dispatch, and transportation. Includes codes for planning, connection, operating, water metering, scheduling & dispatch.

Provides regulations and technical requirements for energy distribution.

Establishes energy efficiency standards and ratings. Requires a variety of appliances to be registered with Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) and labeled with an energy efficiency rating (construction and building materials, chemical and petroleum products, electrical and electronic products, mechanical and metal products). Creates labeling scheme for non-ducted air conditioners and heat pumps; ducted air conditioners and air-to-air heat pumps; household refrigerators, refrigerator-freezers and freezers; household washing machines.

By 2023, 9.5GW renewable energy generated, as part of Vision 2030.

By 2032, 3GW of electricity generated from waste.

By 2032, 25GW of electricity generated by Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).

By 2032, 16GW installed capacity of solar PV.

By 2032, 1GW installed capacity of geothermal energy.

By 2032, aim to generate 9GW of electricity form wind, that will be used primarily for seawater desalination and the conversion of brackish water to potable water.

By 2032, generate 17.6GW of nuclear power.

Establishes the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KACARE), charged with research and implementation of atomic and renewable energy policies. KACARE seeks to partner with local and international businesses to advance Saudi Arabia’s renewable and atomic energy goals. KACARE is also pursuing the issuance of solar energy tenders.

Establishes a fuel economy label for light vehicles (under 3500 kg) with six levels of energy efficiency.

For the transportation sector, defines objectives and requirements relating to energy efficiency. Requires vehicle suppliers to provide information on vehicle’s fuel consumption. States that a program will be established to address older inefficient vehicles and that the SEEC is considering the possibility of a reward and punishment system to encourage more efficient vehicles. Created a fuel economy label.

For the industry sector, aims to increase consumption efficiencies for steel, cement, petrochemicals industries (other industries to be added), and establish quantitative objectives. States that new specifications will be established for energy efficiency for equipment including engines and boilers, in compliance with the international specifications.

Defines policy objectives related to energy efficiency, including the introduction of energy audits, energy efficiency labels, standards for appliances, and a construction code. Phase 2 of the Program is focused on the capacity of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC). The intended outcomes include: the development of an Energy Conservation Law with related regulations and targets, the establishment of a national energy information system, the creation of training programs for energy mangers / capacity development, and a campaign to increase public awareness on energy conservation. SEEC houses the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program (SEEP), which establishes initiatives related to energy consumption for construction, land transportation, and industry sectors.

By 2030, 30% increase in energy efficiency (electricity) from 2005 levels.

By 2030, avoid up to 130 million tons of CO2eq.