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By 2047, reduce HFCs by 85% below 2024-2026 levels.

Excise of USD$6 per tonne of coal from domestic and international sources, with funds raised to be invested into clean energy projects. (National Clean Energy Fund and Clean Energy Cess)

Mandatory requirement on designated customers within energy-intensive sectors to meet certain requirements to meet certain energy savings. (Perform Achieve Trade and Energy Conservation Act)

By 2018-2019, aim to save 10% on energy consumption. (National Smart Grid Mission)

By 2022, aims to increase installed capacity by the following amounts: – 60GW of wind – 100GW of solar – 10GW of biomass – 100GW of hydropower

By 2022, increase renewable energy capacity up to 175GW.

By 2030, achieve around 40% cumulative electric power installed capacity from non-fossil fuel based energy resources.

Investment of around USD$2.5billion on electricity grid infrastructure.

Subsidies for electric and hybrid vehicles ranging from USD 165 to USD 360 for mild hybrids, USD 885 to USD 1065 for strong hybrids and USD 900 and USD 2,010 for electric vehicles. (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicle Program)

Long term goal to bring 33% of India’s geographic area under forest cover, and aim to increase forest cover by 5 million hectares. (Green India Mission)

By 2030, reduce emissions intensity of GDP by 33-35% below the 2005 level.

By 2020, reduce emissions intensity of GDP by 20-25% below the 2005 level.