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An initiative that focuses its activities on three key parts of the value chain: the production, selling and buying / using of products. The initiative offers value for consumers, dealers, and manufacturers: Hosts a product database to allow consumers to find the most energy-efficient equipment. Helps dealers to advertise the added value of energy-efficient products and to promote sales of top runner products. Provides access to a network where retailers can engage in dialogue on sales activities, and customer information, and can work together on designing workshops for retailers. Provides support for producers who are developing innovative products, for example via the open innovation platform. National Top Runner Initiative

Calls on leaders of Central and local government institutions to save water and energy within their institutional domain. This Presidential Instruction sets an electricity reduction target of 20%, a fuel reduction target of 10%, and a water-use reduction target of 10%.

Provides funding for municipal environmental initiatives that improve air, water, and soil, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. GMF funding is available to all Canadian municipal governments and their partners for eligible projects. Endowed with $550 million.

20% of 2014-2020 EU budget is dedicated to climate mitigation and adaptation.